'HANG HEADS IN SHAME' Manchester United and Chelsea face legal threat over failing disabled supporters

MANCHESTER UNITED and Chelsea face legal threats after failing to provide enough wheelchair space for disabled fans, according to reports.
Based on the 2015 Accessible Stadia Guide, Jose Mourinho’s side should have 282 spaces available but provide just 120 while the Blues lay on 108 spots when they should provide 214.
The Telegraph’s investigation reveals Chelsea say they will meet the guidelines when the move ground – which could until 2022.
While United have done all the necessary building work but insist new spaces will not all be available for league matches until 2020.
Lord Holmes, a Conservative peer and the winner of nine Paralympic gold medals, said: “People who believed in the clarity of the pledge in 2015 will feel they have been kicked in the teeth.
“They made a clear and unequivocal commitment and this is a miserable result.
“The Premier League shows what we can do at our best in sport and it is an extraordinary stain running through it that we are only about 50 per cent there in terms of basic accessibility.

“It is about attitude, values, culture and approach.
“There has been very positive action by some Premier League clubs and some incredible actions by clubs like Wrexham and Tranmere.
“Their intent and will to do what they can should leave those Premier League clubs who failed to hang their heads in shame.”
The Equality and Human Rights Commission is investigating potentially unlawful and discriminatory practices but say they are being hindered by unnamed clubs.
Rebecca Hilsenrath, the EHRC chief executive, said: “This has delayed our final report as we review the new evidence and which of our enforcement powers we should use.
“It is clear a significant number of clubs have failed to meet the Premier League’s own pledge
“While some have made progress and taken the bit between their teeth, others have shown a worrying lack of interest in taking this seriously, neglecting the needs of their disabled supporters.” 

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